E&M Property Solutions Ethos and The Accidental Estate Agent

Today we are going to share E&M Property Solutions Ethos , a journey marked by vision, determination, and a deep-seated belief in transformation. This blog is probably Tina's least favourite, as she hates the spot light being on her, but E&M wouldn't be the amazing business that it is without her, so she will just have to grin and bare it!

Tina Etherington, who is the owner and Director of E&M Property Solutions in Burnley, began this journey not as an experienced estate agent but as a painter and decorator. Tina’s hands more accustomed to brushes, were ready to paint a different picture—one that Burnley town and community desperately needed.

Tina grew up in a trade family, her dad being a stone mason and builder, as was his dad. He helped her to buy her very first property and home, one that desperately needed a full renovation, this project was an eye opener and taught her a lot, but she was now hooked. 

As time went on, and with a modest personal portfolio of houses under her belt, she had some experience in property management. However, it was the glaring issues in Burnleys local housing market that caught her attention—landlords struggling with rundown properties, streets lined with derelict houses, and a glaring housing shortage that affected every layer of Burnley’s community.

E&M’s story started in 2017, in a town where the property market was teeming with potential, yet seemed to be plagued with gaps that many failed to address. What do we mean by that, well for many years Burnley has been one of the cheapest places in the UK to buy property, yet there was an abundance of empty, neglected, derelict and uninhabitable houses. This meant money was needed to purchase these properties as many were un-mortgageable, more money was then needed to renovate them, to a standard that was often left lacking, due to not meeting building regs or cutting corners to save money. Rentable family homes and accommodations were in huge demand, surely something could be done.

This is where the lightbulb moment hit, after being approached by numerous other landlords, asking for help, advice and management it was clear to see there was a great need in Burnley. Tina wanted to be able to bridge the gaps, so using her trade connections and using her own experience she began to lay the foundation of what would soon become E&M Property Solutions.

E&M Property Solutions aim was not just to enter the property market but to redefine it, offering a service of trust, reliability, quality and community. Tina envisioned a town, her home town of Burnley, where every investment had the potential to become a quality home, where every derelict property could be transformed into hope for a family.

Starting as a cold start agency, the road ahead was anything but easy. The challenges were numerous, and every step forward was met with scepticism. But it was determination and the solid belief in the power of transformation that kept us going. Tina didn't just see scruffy, run down, empty properties; Tina saw homes waiting to be brought back into communities.

The approach to this business was holistic, hands on. We didn't just facilitate transactions, buying, selling and renting out properties, we breathed new life into derelict or run down properties, bringing them back to their full potential, making them desirable and a place to call home.

We worked tirelessly with

-Investors, helping them see the potential in what were once considered poor investments.

-Local Landlords, ensuring their properties were up to date and compliant.

-With The local Burnley Borough Council and the Housing Needs Teams.

-With New Neighbours to facilitate the relocation of refugees that helped UK forces in the Iraq war.

-With UCLAN to provide quality accommodation for students

-With other local businesses such as BooHoo, Safran, Exertis and the NHS who all utilize foreign employment objectives.

This wasn’t easy, a lot of work and behind the scenes ongoing training, networking, investment effort and time goes into creating and expanding this amazing business that we are so proud of.

Today, E&M Property Solutions stands as a testament to what vision, determination, and a commitment to community can achieve.

From a modest start in 2017 to becoming an award winning estate agency business, our journey has been marked by incredible transformation—not just of properties, but of lives.

E&M Property Solutions work is far from over, we are continually evolving and expanding, driven by our initial vision and still determined to tackle the challenges that lie ahead. It's a journey of transformation, a journey of making a difference, one property at a time. All estate agents and people involved within the property sector have a real opportunity to change communities, and this is what we aim to do!