Michelle Orrell

At E&M Property Solutions, we are fortunate to work with Michelle, our in-house interior designer, furnisher, and stager. Michelle joined our team in 2019 and has quickly become an integral part of our business.

Michelle's interest in interior design began after she was invited to take part in the TV series "60 Minute Makeover" in 2014. This led her to pursue a career change, and she has since worked on numerous projects, using her creative flair and passion for design to make each property unique and stand out.

One of Michelle's key strengths is her ability to work within a budget without compromising on style or quality. She has a keen eye for design trends and knows how to create a high-quality finish that appeals to a wide range of tenants.

Michelle's input has been essential in ensuring that our rental properties are presented to a high standard, which enhances their appeal to potential tenants. We are delighted to have Michelle on board and appreciate her dedication to providing high-quality interior designs.